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To start monetizing and promoting your app with AdTiming, you will need to add your app on the AdTiming dashboard.

Developers with live apps in an app marketplace should provide the app URL; if your app isn’t live yet, please use a temporary name and add the URL once the app is live in the app marketplace. Follow the below steps to add your apps.


Step 1. Navigate to the APP Section

Log in to your AdTiming dashboard. Then navigate to the 'APPS' -> 'Apps' and you will see 'ADD APP' above the apps chart.

Step 2. Add Your App

If your app is live in the App Store or on Google Play, enter your app's URL as it appears in the App Store or Google Play and click 'clicking here'.

If your app isn’t live yet, simply enter a temporary App ID, and the format must be 'com.xxxxx', then click  'Not Live in Store'. After entering App Name, click  'Next'. Choose  'COPPA Compliance', Add your App.




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