Mediation Settings

Follow this guide to manage your mediation layer effectively on your dashboard.

Step 1. Navigate to the Mediation Setting


Step 2. Add Mediation Rule


Step 3. Customize the Rule



Step 4. Ad Request Filter

Use Traffic Filter to limit number of requests received for each instance layer. Click on , you will be directed to the Ad Request Filter page. Then you can see the a series of options for the selected active ad network.


  • Frequency Caps: It limits the impressions your serve to a same user for the selected instance. You can set limitations by (1-24) hour(s).
  • Pacing: It gives you control over the time interval between ads for the selected instance.
  • OS Version: It limits the scope of the versions of the operating system on the user's device.
  • Device Brand & Device Model: You can use the list to target or block devices. AdTiming supports two standard wildcards: comma (,) and line break.
  • Header Bidding: AdTiming Header Bidding is designed to help publishers more efficiently monetize their inventory by replacing the traditional as waterfall with simulateous real-time bidding (RTB) from ad networks and DSPs. Turn on the switch and you will get access to the AdTiming marketplace. 
Please Note: AdTiming's marketplace will only win if it is able to beat the highest performing ad network that has an available ad. 
Step 5. Define Priority (Optional)
Before you define the priority for ad networks, the ad delivery in your apps will be optimized by highest-ranking eCPM since AdTiming automated mediation algorithm ensures you always serve the highest paying ads first.
Manual Mediation Setting allows you to add rules on the waterfall. If rules are added, the ad delivery would be optimized according to the rules instead of automated optimization.
Please Note: If this is the 1st time for Mediation Settings. We recommend running on AdTiming mediation algorithm, which can extract data and estimate eCPMs.
To define the priority of instances for the ad placement selected, follow these steps. In 'Mediation Setting' page   click on 'ADD RULE' button to open the 'Priority Settings' window.


Select the country that you’d like to define the priority for  Choose 'Segments' to control over user targeting. By including your best-performing countries, you can choose 'Top Countries' to analyze, optimize, and manage all these mediation rules more efficiently.

Please Note: AdTiming Provides five best-performing countries according to the earnings for the last three days.



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