Ad Network Setup

AdTiming mediation platform allows you to tap into the ad inventory of the industry’s leading ad networks. Once you’ve integrated the network adapter in your code, you will need to set up the networks on the AdTiming platform.

Make sure you have correctly integrated the AdTiming's ad units in your app.

Step 1.Navigation to App Settings


Step 2. Set Up Ad Network

1. Select the ad network needed

The Mediation Status of The AdTiming is defaultly active to serve the ad inventory in your app and you will see other seven ad networks in the Setup section. Click on  'Edit' to configure other ad network you'd like to configure for AdTiming Mediation.

2. Setup the instance

Each ad network has different requirements for the Mediaiton Paraeters. Please read AdTiming Mediation Guides for each ad network to learn how to find the mediation parameter necessary for each ad network.


You will see the Default Instance for the selected placement. To add an additional instance for this ad network, just click on  'Add Instance'.

To add a network instance, you will need:

  • To enter a unique name for the instance.
  • To set up a unique placement for this instance in the correspondent ad network’s dashboard. Please make sure to fill all the relevant values for each instance. The value you enter must be unique for this instance or the ad networks cannot help optimize ad revenue since there's still only one placement instead of multiple placements in the waterfall.

Click on  'Disable' to pause the instance.

3. Click 'Save'  


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