Retention Report

Retention is a measure of how many existing users are active in your app. As a publisher or marketer, your goal is to keep engaged users coming back for more. This makes Retention one of the most important metrics that allows you to track app’s open rate over time. Retention rate metric is useful for measuring your app usability after changes made, such as version updates or ad implementation.



  • Date Range: Define the time span in which to track daily active users and how they develop over time from the day they are defined within this timeframe. You can retrieve data for up to 90 days for Custom Date Range.
  • App: Select the app you want to track daily active users from.
  • Countries: Select the country you want to filter the data for. 

The Graph format shows fluctuation of the retention based on the filters, which provides a better view of the data over time as a whole.


The Table format presents your data in columns (Accumulative Days) and rows (Date Range) based on the filters.

 Calculation: Daily Active Users Since Install Day divided by Daily Active Users on Install Day.


The color of the cells corresponds to the rate: the higher the Retention rate of a cohort on a specific day, the darker is the cell.

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