If the ads do not display properly (e.g. Flickering/Blinking/Screen alignment deviation, or no response to the 'CLOSE' button), please try the following solutions:

  • It is recommended that turning on test mode during the development, which ensures that you can see the test-ads throughout the test period
  • Please check whether the network environment is normal or not
  • Please check whether the SDK was initialized successfully
  • Please check whether the App Key and Placement ID was acquired correctly or not
  • It may take several seconds to cache the video ads because the ads will be cached after the initialization is complete
  • If no ad request was filled for the current area, please try another country
  • If there’s still no ads loaded after trying all of the above solutions, please send email to with below information as attached:

          ■ Screen Capture or Videos of the failure

          ■ Detailed description of the loading failure

          ■ App Key and Placement ID

          ■ Types of SDK (Android/iOS)

          ■ Version of OpenMediation SDK used

          ■ Version of Mediation

          ■ Affected Devices (Manufacturer and Model)

          ■ Version of the Device Operating System


2. How long does it take for the cache of video ads?

Normally it depends on the network environment. When the network is working properly, it takes about a few seconds.


3. What is the size of video ads? How long is the duration of video ads? How many video ads can be downloaded to each user's terminal?

The average size of a single video ad is about 1.0 MB to 3 MB. Incentive videos are usually 30s, and non-incentive videos can be skipped.


4. Do you support other platforms such as Windows?

We currently only support iOS and Android platforms to make sure that we have a perfect video presentation on iOS and Android platforms.. We are constantly evaluating other platforms and will inform you of any changes.


5. Where do I go to start monetizing my apps?

You can integrate the OpenMediation SDK into your app to display our ads on your app. You can read more about getting started in our SDK Integration.


6. What types of advertising do you show on your network?

We support Interstitials, Videos, Banners and Native ads.


7. Does OpenMediation support non-gaming apps as well?

Yes. We support almost all kinds of apps.


8. What is mediation?

Mediation is a feature of OpenMediation that helps you manage all of the ad networks you use to serve ads to your apps in one place. App developers set priorities for each network they want to run, and if networks with high priority fail to provide inventory, the mediator will turn to send to ad request to the 2nd ad network.


9. Why should I use mediation?

Using OpenMediation, you can send incoming ad requests to multiple ad sources and help ensure you find the best available ad sources to fill the requests. Mediation will help maximize your revenue by ranking all the ad sources based on optimized performance. Without the day-to-day maintenance, our Mediation Report visualizes country-level states for each ad network.

Optimization differs slightly between the AdTiming Network and third-party ad networks, but both methods share the same goal: to try to help maximize your revenue.


10. Is mediation free?

Yes, mediation is a completely free service, and we do NOT take a cut of your earnings from other networks.


11. Do we need to set up the Mediation on our own?

The priority of can be adjusted both according to the auto algorithm and manual intervention. For auto-optimized, networks are delivered according to the real time optimization the OpenMediation algorithm is running.

For manual intervention, networks are delivered outside the auto-optimization process and according to the order you place them. These networks will be delivered regardless of their eCPM.


12. What networks do you support?

We currently support AdColony, AdMob, Vungle, AppLovin, Facebook Audience Network, UnityAds, Chartboost and Mopub. We will also be bringing on new networks as time goes by.


13. Do I have to use all the networks you support?

Nope, you do not have to use all the networks we support. You can choose which 3rd party networks you want to use.


14. What actions do I get paid for (impressions, clicks, or installs)?

We pay on CPM/CPI/CPA/CPL, the ultimate revenue is calculated through the system's algorithm.


15. I have 500+ impressions, lots of clicks, and still no revenue. Why?

It can take a few hours for the user to open the app they installed, and for the install event to be registered. You should wait until you have at least 10,000 impressions and 2 days before looking at eCPMs.


16. How much revenue can we monetize from our app?

It depends on a couple of factors, such as which platform and country to publish, the ad type and placement design, and so on. But the most important factor is the quantity of active users, which determined the ultimate value.


17. Can I put the money I generate from publishing ads into advertising?



18. Is OpenMediation COPPA compliant?

Yes. We do not do behavioral targeting or store information on users who come from publishers who primarily serve an under-13 audience.


19. How often is your data updated?

The data updates every 1-2 hours.


20. What kind of ads am I receiving in Test Mode?

While your app is in Test Mode, you will receive a selection of test ads. These sampling of test ads may repeat on a frequent cycle. 



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