User-Level Revenue API

Use this API to get your user level ad revenue report with OpenMediation and your mediated ad networks. The response will include the following breakdowns: User Device ID, User Device type, Ad Network, Clicks, Impressions, Revenue.

Before you start

  • Each API call is per app per day and the data is stored and available for 14 days.
  • The data for yesterday is available starting today 16:00 UTC.
  • The data is updated for previous three days (T-3, T-2, T-1).
  • The User Ad Impression equals to 0 when the Device ID is not retrieved.
  • Up to 28 requests per app per day.

How to Get your Authentication

  • TOKEN - The Token is unique for your OpenMediation account. To retrieve it, navigate to Account-> Preport API. Click on 'COPY API '.



  • APP KEY - To get your APP KEY, navigate to the 'APPS' -> 'Apps'. Click on 'APP KEY'.



Download the report


GET  http://[API domain]/publisher/user/ad/revenue?token=[token]&appKey=[appkey]&date=[YYYYMMDD]&zone=[zone]

(For example:


Name Type Description Mandatory
API domain string


token string The token obtained from AdTiming UI. yes
appKey string The appkey obtained from AdTiming UI. yes
date string YYYYMMDD, as 20190821 yes
zone string Default: UTC; Contact your AM if you need E08 enabled no

E08: UTC+0800


CODE Description
200 Success
400 Bad Request Parameters
403 Wrong token or appKey used
406 Empty data

Understanding the report

Successful response returns a zip file containing multiple CSV files, with each CSV file's size up to 256MB. The zip file's name is in the format of [AppID]-[date]-[zone].zip (For example:


The columns titles and order is as follows:

  • device_id
  • device_type
  • ad_network
  • impression
  • click
  • revenue
  • user_id

Fields Definition

Name Type Description Example
device_id string The Device ID being set by the developer ffaa1e86-d7d5-4a34-955a-2cab7025b879
device_type string iOS is 'IDFA', Android is 'GAID' IDFA
ad_network string The network which displayed the ad to the user Admob
impression long Number of impressions 123456
click long Number of clicks 123456
revenue decimal(16,6) Ad revenue 0.03000
user_id string Publisher defined user id 23356861
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