Lifetime Value

LTV (Lifetime Value) is a critical metric which app developers use to measure overall app success. It does this by quantifying the value of a user cohort throughout their lifetime within an app. It is the most powerful way to not only understand what an user is worth to you now, but also see how their value will change over time. It is used by both monetization and UA managers.

User Value Report on the AdTiming platform is calculated over specific time periods starting from the moment the user was acquired. The report is thus based on the user’s age and is not calendric. User Value Report Report helps you make important business decisions about IAA, IAP for your mobile apps and tells you what types of users should be acquired as well as how much money should be spent to acquire those users.



  • App: Select the app you want to track user cohorts from.
  • Countries: Select the country you want to filter the data for
  • Date Range: Define the time span in which to analyze users based on when they installed your app and triggered an app launch. You will thus be able to track user activity and how users develop over time from the day they installed your app within this timeframe.

 The Graph format shows fluctuation of the retention based on the filters, which provides a better view of the data over time as a whole.




The Table format presents your data in columns (Accumulative Days) and rows (Date Range) based on the filters.

 Calculation: The average daily revenue generated by an active user. The KPI portrayed is the average revenue generated from an active user within the defined cohort range.


The color of the cells corresponds to the LTV: the higher the LTV of a cohort on a specific day, the darker is the cell.


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