Guide for Integrating Android SDK Version 6.0.0 With Admob&Mopub Mediating AdTiming

This Guidelines aims to introduce how to integrate AdTiming Android SDK Version 6.0.0 with admob or mopub Mediating AdTiming.

Download Android SDK Version 6.0.0

New in Version 6.0.0!

The newly designed AdTiming Mediation SDK (Version 6.0.0 and above), equipped with smart ad inventory and optimized SDK initialization&pre-loading mechanism, provides the best mediation solution for app developers. 

For Rewarded Video and Interstitial Ad, this SDK will maintain ad inventory automatically to keep ad availability by caching ads regularly, such as pre-loading after initialization, loading after ad served and timing loading etc. The Application have no need to invoke load() method to cache ads  anymore with version 6.x.x. The new APIs are easier to use.


Besides, to integrate this new SDK with admob or mopub mediating,you also need to change some configurations as below.

Use the new package name 'com.adtiming' and new SDK name 'mediation-sdk' as well as new version number 6.0.0 in build.gradle file, if you integrate SDK with Gradle dependenceies.
dependencies { implementation 'com.adtiming:mediation-sdk:6.0.0@aar' }


Use the new Proguard configurations below to replace the old one.

 -dontwarn com.adtiming.mediationsdk.**.*
 -dontwarn com.mopub.**.*
 -dontwarn com.aiming.mdt.**.*
 -keep class com.adtiming.mediationsdk.mediation.**{*;}
 -keep class com.mopub.**{*;}
 -keep class com.aiming.mdt.**{*;}
 -keep class com.adtiming.mediationsdk.mobileads.**{*;}

 -keepclassmembers class **.R$* {
 public static <fields>;
 -keepattributes *Annotation *,InnerClasses
 -keepnames class * implements android.os.Parcelable {
 public static final ** CREATOR;




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