Create an Application in Mintegral

1. Enter Mintegral and log in.

2. Enter the APP Setting module and click Add APP.En-1.jpg

3. Enter the relevant information and click Save.mtg_en_2.jpg

  • Platform: Android or iOS.

  • Live in Google Play: If your app is already on the app store, please select Live; if your app is not on the app store yet, please select Not Live and change it after the app is on the store.

  • Google Play URL/App Store URL:  If your app is already on the app store, please enter the store link.

  • App Name

  • Package Name: Enter your project Bundle ID.

  • Allow Mature Ads: Usually choose No.

  • COPPA: Whether it is an app for children under the age of 13 and is subject to COPPA regulations. When clicking yes, any persistent identifiers collected will be processed according to COPPA and not be used to serve behavioral advertising.
  • CCPA Setting: Under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), you may provide California residents with separate privacy data processing required by the CCPA. If you select "Limit processing data" on dashboard, Mintegral will not display "Interest-Based Ads"for California users who are identified by the app. The compliance plan will take effect on January 1, 2020. For more information, please find Mintegral Privacy Policy

  • Direction Of Fullscreen Video: For Rewarded Video or Interstitial Video ad formats, limit the orientation in which the video ad plays.

  • Server Side Callback: For Rewarded video, you can set the server callback rewarded information. Only support iOS 1.5.5 or Android 8.1.11 or higher. The server callback can be set here. Our server will call back related rewarded information to your server when users finish watching the video.

  • Ad Template Options: Automatic display of storekit is permitted


Add Ad Units

1. Enter the Placements & Units module, click Add Placement.En-3.jpg

  • Rewarded Video: The video is not allowed to be skipped, the time setting is 15s~30s, and the Daily Cap setting options are No Limit.mtg_en_4.jpg 
  • Interstitial Video: Usually choose to allow the video to be skipped, and set it to 5s, and the Daily Cap setting options are No Limit.mtg_en_5.jpg 
  • Banner: The custom refresh time can be matched according to the client's call to refresh time.mtg_en_6.jpg


OpenMediation Platform Configuration

Ad Network

1. Enter the OpenMediation publisher platform, click on Ad Network → click Edit behind Mintegral.En-7.jpg

2. After filling in the relevant information, click Save.___8.jpg

  • App ID & App Key: You can get your App ID and App Key in the Mintegral platform APP Setting interface.mtg_en_7.jpg
  • Report API Skey & Report API Secret: Obtain your Report API Skey and Report API Secret in AccountAPI Tools

    Note: You need to contact Mintegral staff to obtain API Tools permissions.En-10.jpg


Add Instance

1. Click Mediation → Ad unit  Add Instance.
Only iOS apps support Mintegral's Banner ad integration.En-11.jpg

2. After filling in the relevant information, click Save.___12.jpg

  • Ad Netwrok: Select Mintegral

  • Instance Name: You can define the name of your ad unit yourself, we suggest you name it: Placement ID_Ad Network Name_ Country_Floor Price.(E.g: 6539_MTG_USA_40)

  • Unit ID: You can enter the Mintegral platform click the Placements & Units, select the corresponding configuration App and clicking the AD Unit.En-13.jpg


Mintegral Test Mode

1. Summary of test mode
Mintegral Test ID for Android and Mintegral Test ID for iOS to learn more about how to implement test ads.

2. Test the Ad Network configuration
Modify the Mintegral settings in AdNetwork to the test App ID and App Key under the corresponding system.En-14.jpg

3. Test the Instance configuration
Configure the following Mintegral test Unit ID in the OpenMediation platform.En-15.jpg

  • Android - Mintegral Test ID for Android
AppKey 7c22942b749fe6a6e361b675e96b3ee9
AppID 118690


Ad format Sample ad unit ID
Rewarded Video 146874
Interstitial Video 146869
  • iOS - Mintegral Test ID for iOS


AppKey 7c22942b749fe6a6e361b675e96b3ee9
AppID 118692


Ad format Sample ad unit ID
Rewarded Video 146892
Interstitial Video 146894
Banner 146898


Add the Mintegral SDK&Adapter to Your Build


1. Add the Mintegral SDK

  • Add the following in your project-level build.gradle file.
allprojects {
    repositories {
        maven {
            url ""
  • Add to your application-level build.gradle file. 
depedencies {
    implementation 'com.mintegral.msdk.oversea:videojs:15.4.31'
    implementation 'com.mintegral.msdk.oversea:mtgjscommon:15.4.31'
    implementation 'com.mintegral.msdk.oversea:playercommon:15.4.31'
    implementation 'com.mintegral.msdk.oversea:reward:15.4.31'
    implementation 'com.mintegral.msdk.oversea:videocommon:15.4.31'
    implementation 'com.mintegral.msdk.oversea:interstitialvideo:15.4.31'
    implementation 'com.mintegral.msdk.oversea:common:15.4.31'
    implementation 'com.mintegral.msdk.oversea:mtgbanner:15.4.31'
    // for using bidding
    implementation 'com.mintegral.msdk.oversea:mtgbid:15.4.31'

2. Add the Mintegral Adapter

    OpenMediation supports both Gradle dependencies and Manual download mechanisms.

       Gradle dependencies

  • Add the following in your application-level build.gradle file.
implementation 'com.openmediation.adapters:mintegral:2.1.0'

       Manual download

  • Download the Mintegral Adapter from here.
  • Add the Mintegral Adapter to Your Project.

3. For Proguard Users Only

If you are using ProGuard with the Mintegral adapter, you must add the following code to your ProGuard configuration (Android Studio: or Eclipse: proguard-project.txt):

-keepattributes Signature   
-keepattributes *Annotation*   
-keep class com.mintegral.** {*; }  
-keep interface com.mintegral.** {*; }  
-keep interface androidx.** { *; }
-keep class androidx.** { *; }
-keep public class * extends androidx.** { *; }
-dontwarn com.mintegral.**   
-keep class **.R$* { public static final int mintegral*; }



OpenMediation supports both Cocoapods and Manualdownload mechanisms.


To Integrate the Mintegral SDK with Cocoapods, enter the following line in your podfile and you are good to go!

pod 'MintegralAdSDK/RewardVideoAd'
pod 'MintegralAdSDK/InterstitialVideoAd'
pod 'MintegralAdSDK/BannerAd'

To Integrate the Mintegral Bid SDK with Cocoapods, enter the following line in your podfile and you are good to go!

pod 'MintegralAdSDK/BidRewardVideoAd'
pod 'MintegralAdSDK/BidInterstitialVideoAd'
pod 'MintegralAdSDK/BidBannerAd'

Manual Download

1. Download the Mintegral framework

  • you can find the lastest Mintegral SDK here.

2. Add the Mintegral frameworks to your Project

You are now all set to deliver Mintegral Network Ads through the OpenMediation platform!

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