Create an Application in ironSource

1. Log in to the ironSource platform, select Add New App in the APPS module of the left navigation bar to start creating applications.1.jpg 

2. Enter the relevant information and click Add App.___2.jpg

  • Mobile App: If your app is already on the app store, please enter the App Store or Google Play download link, and click Import App Info.
  • App Not Live in the Application Store: If your app is not yet available in the app store, you can enter the temporary app name in Temporary Name and select the corresponding operating system. Make changes when the app is available in the app store.


  • Setup Configurations: You can choose New Setup to create a new application setting, or you can choose Duplicate setup from another application to copy the created application setting.
  • COPPA - ironSource network: Regarding certain regulations on children's privacy protection. Learn more.
  • CCPA - ironSource network: The California Consumer Privacy Act. Learn more.

Tip: OpenMediation does not support IronSource'sBidding mode now, and if you activate Bidding here, you won't see the ads at OpenMediation. Please make sure it's turned off.



Add Placement

1. Enter the MONETIZE module in the left navigation bar and select Ad Unit & Placements.4.jpg

2. Select the corresponding application at APPLICATIONS, and after selecting the corresponding advertisement type, click New Instance.

Note: Instance can only be created after your application is officially put on the app store.


3. After filling in the relevant information, click Save.___6.jpg

Instance Name:You can define the name of your ad unit yourself, we suggest you name it: Placement ID_Ad Network Name_ Country_Floor Price.(E.g: 6539_IS_USA_40)

Pricing: Select Optimized by ironSource to automatically optimize eCPM by ironSource. If you select Flat eCPM, you can set the eCPM reserve price for a specific region.


OpenMediation Platform Configuration

Ad Network

1. Enter the OpenMediation publisher platform, click on Ad Network → click Edit behind ironSource.8.jpg

2. After filling in the relevant information, click Save.


  • App Key: You can get it from App Management under the APPS module in the left navigation bar of the ironSource platform.10.jpg11.jpg
  • Currency: Select the corresponding currency unit in your ironSource report module.
  • User Name: You can click on the user icon in the upper right corner of the ironSource platform and select My Account to get the User Name.12.jpg
  • Secret Key: You can click the user icon in the upper right corner of the ironSource backend and select My Account to obtain the Secret Key in the API module.13.jpg


Add Instance

1. Click Mediation → Ad unit → Add Instance.14.jpg

2. After filling in the relevant information, click Save.15.jpg

  • Ad Network: Select ironSource.
  • Instance Name: You can define the name of your ad unit yourself, we suggest you name it: Placement ID_Ad Network Name_ Country_Floor Price.(E.g: 6539_IS_USA_40)
  • Unit ID: You can get your Unit ID in the MONETIZE Ad Units & Placements module on the left navigation bar of the ironSource platform.16.jpg


ironSource Test Mode

Click MONETIZE → Testing → New Test Device.17.jpg

  • You need to make sure that the Test Mode Active switch is turned on for the corresponding ad slot under the Ad Units & Placement interface.18.jpg


Add the ironSource SDK&Adapter to Your Build


1. Add the ironSource SDK

  • Add to your project-level build.gradle file.
 allprojects {
   repositories {
       maven {
           url ""
  • Add to your application-level build.gradle file.
implementation 'com.ironsource.sdk:mediationsdk:+'
implementation ''
implementation ''

2. Google Play Services

  • Add the following inside the <application> tag in your AndroidManifest:
<meta-data android:name=""
android:value="@integer/google_play_services_version" />
  • Google Advertising ID

    The ironSource SDK requires access to the Google Advertising ID in order to operate properly. See this guide on how to integrate Google Play Services.

3. Add the ironSource Adapter

    OpenMediation supports both Gradle dependencies and Manual download mechanisms.

     Gradle dependencies

  • Add the following in your application-level build.gradle file.
implementation 'com.openmediation.adapters:ironsource:+'

       Manual download

  • Download the ironSource Adapter from here.
  • Add the ironSource Adapter to Your Project.

4. For Proguard Users Only

If you are using ProGuard with the ironSource adapter, you must add the following code to your ProGuard configuration (Android Studio: or Eclipse: proguard-project.txt):

-keepclassmembers class com.ironsource.sdk.controller.IronSourceWebView$JSInterface {
    public *;
-keepclassmembers class * implements android.os.Parcelable {
    public static final android.os.Parcelable$Creator *;
-keep public class** {
   public *;
-keep class com.ironsource.adapters.** { *;
-dontwarn com.ironsource.mediationsdk.**
-dontwarn com.ironsource.adapters.**
-keepattributes JavascriptInterface
-keepclassmembers class * {
    @android.webkit.JavascriptInterface <methods>;

5. Use ironSource Mediation API

If you want to use ironSource as an mediation platform, please call IronSourceSetting.setMediationMode(true) before the OpenMediation SDK is initialized.



OpenMediation supports both Cocoapods and Manualdownload mechanisms.


To Integrate the IronSource SDK with Cocoapods, enter the following line in your podfile and you are good to go!

pod 'IronSourceSDK'

Manual Download

1. Download the IronSource framework

  • you can find the lastest IronSource SDK here.

2. Add the IronSource frameworks to your Project

You are now all set to deliver ironSource Ads within your application.

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