This guide will instruct you step-by-step on how to set TencentAds as an ad network on the OpenMediation Mediation platform.

Before You Start

Make sure you have correctly integrated OpenMediation's Interstitial, Rewarded Video or Banner Mediation in your application.

Step 1. Create an TencentAds Account

  1. Create an account with TencentAds. You can do so here.
  2. Once your account has been verified, you can login at their partner login here.

Step 2. Create an Application in TencentAds

1. Once you log in, add an app by clicking '新建媒体'.


2. Define the details of your application.


  • 平台 – Application platform.
  • 媒体名称 – Enter a custom name for your application.
  • 媒体类型 – Application Type.

Step 3. Add a Placement

1. Select '新建广告位'.


2. According to the following advertising types supported by OpenMeidation, create an ad type, fill in the relevant information, and click "完成".



Step 4. Configure TencentAds’s Parameters into OpenMediation Account

1. Once you have both of these parameters, log in to your OpenMediation account and go to Mediation -> Ad Network Setup

2. Select TencentAds from the list of Available Ad Networks.


3. Fill in the 'App ID','Currency' and 'Member ID' and then click 'Save'.


 4. You will then see TencentAds as Active for Mediation Status on your Setup list.


Step 5. Add the TencentAds frameworks to Your Build

Add the TencentAds SDK&Adapter to Your Build


OpenMediation supports both Cocoapods and Manualdownload mechanisms.


To Integrate the TencentAds SDK with Cocoapods, enter the following line in your podfile and you are good to go!

pod 'GDTMobSDK'

Manual Download

1. Download the TencentAds framework

  • you can find the lastest TencentAds SDK here.

2. Add the TencentAds frameworks to your Project

You are now all set to deliver TencentAds Network Ads through the OpenMediation platform!

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