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This guide is used to guide developers to use OpenMediation products to load and display the parameter configuration of third-party ad networks through the OpenMediation SDK. According to this guide, you will find information about the configuration instructions of the Instance. For more information on how to configure OpenMediation mediation, please visit Configure Ad Network Parameters.


The Instance needs to match the added app and the placement.

1. Please click on the list of apps on the OpenMediation homepage to select the corresponding app and enter the monetize function. 

2. Click on Mediation in the left navigation bar Setup to go to the monetize function page.


3. Select the placement that needs to be configured, and click +Add Instance in the instance sub-interface to configure instance information.


If you don't have apps and placement configured, refer to Add and manage your App, Add and manage your placements

2. Add Instance

After you click on the + Add Instance as follows from the steps above, you'll see the Add Instance information box.


If you don't add ad network parameters, you can't add instances, and for more information about each ad network parameter, visit the Mediation Network Guides.

2.1 Select Ad Network

You can get the ad network drop-down menu by clicking on the Ad Network, and then click to select the ad network you want.


2.2 Configure Instance

2.1 Select Ad Network

When you click on the ad network list to select your ad network, you'll see a list of instance additions, which you can start configuring by clicking on .


2.2 Configure Basic Information

  • In-app Bidding:Select this option if you configure an in-app bidding instance.
  • Instance Name:You can edit your instance name based on information such as ad network, targeted country, floor price, and more.
  • Unit ID:Configure this based on the ad unit id of your configured third-party ad network.
  • +Add Manual eCPM:After click it, you can configure the ad network floor price.


2.3 Configure Manual eCPM

Manual eCPM:Manual eCPM is used for eCPM estimation during the cold start period of the Mediation Rule. When the rule type is auto, and the instances do not have historical data, it will sort the instances based on this price.

  • Region: Select the region where the floor price is set, and when the global floor price is set, select All.
  • Manual eCPM: It is recommended that you fill in based on the floor price set by the third-party ad network.

Tip: If you do not set a floor price, you can fill in this information without filling it out, or based on your experience.


2.3 Batch add instances

You can add in bulk, one or more ad networks by clicking on + Add Instance.


3. Edit Instance

1.Go back to the instance subpage and click Edit in the list of actions for the selected instance.


2. After clicking Edit, you can see the content of the Instance. You can change the Instance name and Unit ID as needed.


3.Configure advanced options, which can be configured by clicking Advanced Settings.

  • Frequency cap: Limit the upper limit of the advertisement to be displayed within a specified period of time.
  • Pacing: Limit the advertisement to show at most once within the specified time.
  • Device brand: Set the brand of the device.
  • Device model: Set the model of the device.


4. After the configuration is completed, click the Save button to save and exit the current state.


4.View Instance

1.Click the push-down triangle at the end of the instance line to view the details of the instance.


2.Click Advanced Options,You can view the advanced configuration information of the instance.


3. You can view the number of mediation rules used at the instance through the Mediation Rule column. Click on the data to jump to the mediation rule page. 



1. The Instance parameter involves the OpenMediation SDK's advertising calls to third-party ad networks. Please confirm the accuracy of the information filled in.

2. Please confirm whether the placement configured on the OpenMediation matches the third-party ad unit. 

3. In the official environment of the OpenMediation platform, multiple accounts of repeated advertising platforms are not allowed. Please confirm the account used by the application and configure it, such as Vungle account 1 and Vungle account 2. Only one account is allowed to be used by an application.

4. Suggestion for custom Instance Name: "Ad Network_Country_eCPM" to facilitate subsequent operations, for example: "Vungle_USA_20".

Due to the inconsistency of the methods for obtaining ad unit parameters on various platforms, please visit Configure Ad Platform Parameters for details on obtaining the parameters of each advertising platform.

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