OpenMediation Test Suite

With the OpenMediation mobile ad aggregation test suite, you can test whether apps and ad units are correctly configured so that they can display ads from third-party ad networks through aggregation. This guide briefly describes how to integrate the OpenMediation mobile ad aggregation test suite into your iOS app to use this tool in your app.


1. Xcode 12 or higher.

2. iOS 9.0 or better.

3. iOS OpenMediation SDK V2.0.2 or higher.

4. Create an OpenMediation account and register the app.

Note: Use Cocoapods to download OpenMediationTestSuite V1.4.0+, it will download MBProgressHUD SDK automatically.


The Test Suite needs to be installed using Cocoapods. Please add the following code to your Podfile:

pod 'OpenMediationTestSuite', '2.1.2'


Manual Download SDK

Download iOS OpenMediationTestSuite V2.1.1

Start the aggregation function test suite

#import <OpenMediationTestSuite/OMTestSuite.h>
[OMTestSuite presentWithAppKey:@"YOUR_OpenMediation_APP_KEY" onViewController:YOUR_CONTROLLER];
import OMTestSuite
OMTestSuite.present(withAppKey:"YOUR_OpenMediation_APP_KEY", on:YOUR_CONTROLLER)

Test Suite: HomePage

The following disclaimer will be displayed when the tool is opened:


A disclaimer will be displayed every time the test suite is launched to remind you that you should turn on test mode for aggregate ad sources.


Check the box and click "GOT IT" to continue. Enter the homepage to display the Ad Network integration status of your current App. Each Ad Network has three configurations, including SDK/Adapter/Configure.

Note: Please carefully check your Publisher —> SettingsIs —> Is Domestic whether the Settings are correct.

For each Ad Network, this screen will display a warning if the following conditions occur:

  • Ad source SDK is not installed
  • Ad source adapter not installed
  • The background configuration information is incorrect



If the three configurations of each Ad Network are all right, the homepage will display "Good", as shown in the figure below:



If you integrate the Facebook/Mintegral/MoPub/ChartboostBid SDK in your application (the SDK version number cannot be obtained), the three configurations of each Ad Network are fine, and the homepage will display "All Ad Networks Done" and the version failed to be obtained The number of Network of the number, as shown below:



If you verify the instance of Ad Network and it fails, the home page will display the number of failed instances. At the same time, the corresponding Ad Network unit column will display a yellow prompt on the right.




Click the "More" button in the upper right corner of the homepage. In the pop-up drop-down box, click "Device ID" to choose to view your current Device ID, and click "Exit" to exit the test suite.


Ad Network Details Page

The details page displays the detailed information of Ad Network, including the integration status of Ad Network STATUS, testID list TEST ID (if included) and Instance list INSTANCE:




The screen indicates, for the given ad source:

  • If the SDK is installed and, if available, the SDK version (Some AdNetwork SDK version cannot be obtained, such as Facebook、MoPub、Mintegral and Helium).
  • If the adapter is installed and, if available, the adapter version.
  • The parameters for the configuration that were entered in the OpenMediation dashboard.




The INSTANCE list page lists all the Instances configured in the foreground of the Ad Network in the "Enabled" state, and distinguishes 3 states by different colors:

  • Not verified (Blue)
  • Ad verified but failed to load (Yellow)
  • The ad has been verified and successfully loaded (Green)

The information displayed by a single Instance Item includes:

  • Instance Name
  • Unit ID
  • Instance belongs to the type of ad unit
  • Instance belongs to the name of ad unit




On the Instance list page, click the "Filter button (funnel shape)" and the filter page will pop up. You can filter the Instance results according to the Instance status and advertising type.


Load And Show Ad

On the TESTID and INSTANCE list pages, click the "LOAD AD" button to send the ad request to the SDK of the ad source. After the ad request is completed, an update prompt will be displayed, stating whether the request was successful or failed.



Ads loaded successfully page

If the request is successful, the "LOAD AD" button will change to "SHOW AD" and there will be a "Success" prompt on the page.

  • For banner ads and native ads, the ads are displayed directly on the current page.
  • For interstitial ads and rewarded video ads, the ads will be displayed on the newly pop-up page.



Ad display page

The ad opens on the current page, for example:


Data Reporting

After clicking the upload button, your AdNetwork integration results and Instance verification results will be uploaded to the OpenMediation dashboard - SDK Testing - Test Suite Result, For more information.



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