Before You Start

  • We support Unity version 2019.4 and up.
  • We support Android Operation Systems Version 4.1(API level 16) and up.
  • We support iOS 9.0 and up as well as CocoaPods.
  • We suggest creating an OpenMediation account and registering and Android and iOS app.


This guide outlines how to use the OpenMediation Mediation TestSuite in your Unity app. 

The Mediation TestSuite allows you to test whether you have correctly configured your application and ad units to be able to display ads from third-party networks via OpenMediation.


Step 1. Add the TestSuite Unity Package to Your Project

Download TestSuite Plugin

After downloading the TestSuite Plugin, with your Unity project open, double-click the Unity package and import the files into your project.



Step 2. Integration Manager

The TestSuite Integration Manager tool is based on Google External Dependency Manager for Unity (formerly Play Services Resolver). It will enable you to download the latest versions of TestSuite SDK from your Unity development platform.



Manage SDK versions

Once you’ve updated your Unity package for the new SDK and Integration Manager, you’ll be able to view the OpenMediationTestSuite sub-menu in the Unity menu bar.


To upgrade your SDK or Adapter versions:

  • Go to OpenMediationTestSuite > Integration Manager
  • Choose "Install" or "Update"

If you already have the latest version of TestSuite, the action button will be changed to "Updated", and will be disabled.


Step 3. Launching the TestSuite

Use the following line of code to launch the OpenMediation TestSuite:

private void ShowTestSuite() {
    OMTestSuite.Show("Your AppKey");

Note: TestSuite needs to be used with OpenMediation SDK v2.0 and above.


Step 4. Launching the Ad Inspector

Use the following line of code to launch the OpenMediation Ad Inspector:

private void ShowInspector() {

Note: TestSuite needs to be used with the latest OpenMediation SDK.


The Unity plugin provides a convenient wrapper to enable you to easily integrate and launch the test suite from the Unity environment. Once the test suite is launched, it looks the same as the iOS and Android test suites. Follow these respective guides for help navigating the test suite.

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