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How to migrate from AdTiming to OpenMediation?

We have migrated from the AdTiming Mediation SDK to the fully open-source OpenMediation SDK. At the same time, we provide some major changes, and simply rename some APIs and remove deprecated APIs. The help center provides detailed processes and steps.


How to download and import SDK?

OpenMediation SDK provides two integration methods: Cocoapods automatic integration and manual download of resources.


Specific integration methods for each advertisement type.

OpenMediation provides sample codes for accessing six types of advertisements: Banner, Native, Interstitial, Rewarded Video, Splash, and Cross Promotion.


We also provide the SDK sample Sample Demo, which includes both OC and Swift versions. The download link is as follows:


We also provide you with a set of test applications and test ad slot IDs:


How to start ad testing?

The help center provides the entire operation steps and process of setting up the test mode, and you can follow the documentation.


In order to facilitate your integration, we also launched the TestSuite test suite to assist you in the integration process. The Knowledge Center provides a detailed integration process and screenshot reference. The document address is as follows:


About some advanced setting methods of SDK: such as GDPR, CCPA, COPPA, Age, Gender, IAP, and Custom Tag, etc.


How to make related settings for iOS 14?

OpenMediation is the first batch of advertising platforms that support iOS 14. We provide you with detailed and rich relevant information:


How to get SKAdNetwork Ids?

OpenMediation provides you with the summary information of SKAdNetwork Ids of each Network platform. For the convenience of access, it also provides the Manager tool for you to copy, paste and add.


How to set up the OpenMediation platform?

The Knowledge Center provides detailed operation procedures to assist you in adding applications and advertising spaces, and configuring platform parameters. For details, please refer to:


How to quickly locate, find and solve problems?

You can use the FAQ document in our Knowledge Center to assist you in solving the problem, the link is as follows:


You can also use the global search box to find the information and related terms you want to get.

How to give feedback?

Regarding the test return package and data issues, please contact our docking staff:

whisper@adtiming.com luc.jin@adtiming.com

You can also submit a request for feedback through our help center.

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