Android OM SDK v2.3.1 API Changes

Integration considerations

After updating to OpenMediation SDK v2.3.1, some APIs need to be added and adjusted. For details, please refer to the API changes section.

Major changes

  • Added an API that initializes without the Activity parameter.

  • Update the APIs of BannerAdListener, NativeAdListener and SplashAdListener related to the Banner Native Splash ad type.

  • Adapter needs to be updated to 2.3.0 and above to adapt to OM SDK v2.3.1.

API changes

Class v2.2.0 API v2.3.1 API
OmAds init(Activity, InitConfiguration, InitCallback) init(Activity, InitConfiguration, InitCallback) init(InitConfiguration, InitCallback)
BannerAd BannerAd(Activity, String, BannerAdListener) BannerAd(String, BannerAdListener)
BannerAdListener onAdReady(View view) onAdFailed(String error) onAdClicked() onBannerAdLoaded(String placementId, View view) onBannerAdLoadFailed(String placementId, Error error) onBannerAdClicked(String placementId)
NativeAd NativeAd(Activity, String, NativeAdListener) NativeAd(String, NativeAdListener)
NativeAdListener onAdReady(AdInfo info) onAdFailed(String error) onAdClicked() onNativeAdLoaded(String placementId, AdInfo info) onNativeAdLoadFailed(String placementId, Error error) onNativeAdClicked(String placementId)
SplashAdListener onSplashAdLoad(String placementId) onSplashAdFailed(String placementId, String error) onSplashAdShowFailed(String placementId, String error) onSplashAdLoaded(String placementId) onSplashAdFailed(String placementId, Error error) onSplashAdShowFailed(String placementId, Error error)
SplashAd showAd(Activity activity, String placementId) showAd(String placementId)


Unity Plugin

Please integrate Unity Plugin v2.1.3 and above to work with OM SDK v2.3.1.

Test Suite

Please integrate Test Suite v1.3.0 and above to work with OM SDK v2.3.1.



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