Creating an Google Play Developer Account

1. Apply for a Google account

1. Account Creation

1.1 Click on the following URL to start creating a Google Account:

1.2 Fill in the name and new email information, and bind the mobile phone number for verification.


2. Log in to the developer background to complete the purchase

2.1 Log in to the developer background. Agree to the Developer Agreement and click Continue to Payment.


2.2 Add credit card information to complete the purchase.

Need to fill in:

  • Fill in the credit card number and the year on the card, and the credit card verification code is the three digits displayed on the back of the credit card.
  • Cardholder's name.


3. Fill in the developer details and complete the registration.


2. Add a payment method

After completing the registration, you will automatically be redirected to the Google Play Developer Console interface and click on "Order Management" - "Register a Business Account".

Note: Business account needs to fill in customer information and public information, customer information in the country/ region, can only be filled in once, can not be modified later, the location of the receiving account and filled in the country must be consistent.

1. Add a payment method

1.1 Log in to Google Developers by clicking on the following link: Click "Settings" - "Payment Settings" - "Add Payment Method".


1.2 Fill in the receiving bank information, enter the name of the bank account owner, account type, bank information, etc., and click "Save".

Note: The name on the bank account must exactly match the name on the bank statement.


2. Verify your bank account

2.1 Select "Verify via small deposit (takes 2-3 days)" and click Verify to see a message asking you to contact your bank or check your bank statement in 72 hours to verify the small deposit that Google remitted.

2.2 Log in to find "How do you get paid", then click Manage payment methods, and under the name of the payment method you want to verify, click Repair. On the next screen, select Google from the drop-down list, deposit the amount into your account, click Verify, and then complete the binding.


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