How to configure your Facebook account

Step I: Create a Facebook account

1. Click on the link below, enter Facebook's Sign Up page.

2. Click "Create New Account" to register.

📝 Things to pay attention to:

  • Use e-mail to register, don't use mobile number.
  • You cannot use the same person's information to register more than one account
  • In order to avoid the account being blocked, it is recommended to use only one person and complete the personal information by binding with the backup mailbox and phone.
  • Try not to switch the IP or device to login.



Step II: Create Facebook's Business Manager account

1. Click on the link below, then click on create a Facebook's Business Manager account.


2. Enter the business name, name, and business email (real and valid mailbox, which needs to be used for verification). After the input is complete, click the blue "submit' button in the down right corner.



3. After submitting the information, enter the business email address provided previously. You will receive an email with the subject of "Verify your business email" from Facebook. After entering, click the Verify Now button to complete the verification.



Step III: Facebook's business verification

1. Enter Business Manager account and click Settings → Security Center → Start Verification.


2. Provide all the necessary information to finish business verification.


Step IV: Add Facebook's Developer Account.

1. Enter the link provided below and click "Get Started" in the upper right corner.


2. Click on "Developer".



3. Click on "Create First App" and fill in the "Display Name" and "Contact Email".



4. Click on “Settings" and select "Basic" to fill in the information highlighted on red.EN12.png

5. Click on "Add Platform" to add specific platform used for user acquisition.

💡 Add every platform (Android, iOS) for each game separately. Make sure you adding the platform that will be used in UA.



5. Choose the platform.


5. [Android] Fill all the information below, highlighted in red.



💡 Class Name: Main Activity you want Facebook to launch

For example: org.cocos2dx.javascript.AppActivity

Key Hashes: It consist of 26 letters (including special characters, e.g. +/=)

For example: dhTYmKdW6/f1ubyaJsEI6eoisO8=


📒 For creating Development Key Hash and more information please check the official Facebook guidelines in the link below.


6. [iOS] Fill all the information below, highlighted in red.



💡 Shared Secret: It's used to verify the iOS IAP. If there is no IAP, there is no need to fill this information.

Step V: Integrate Facebook's Core SDK with Analytics

💡 Why there is need to integrate Facebook's Core SDK?(Core SDK is including Analytics SDK)


1)Facebook advertising platform will not use any third-party data tracking platform for collecting conversion data, and the third-party data tracking platform will not return the conversion data to the Facebook advertising platform. Therefore, regardless of whether the developer accesses any third-party data tracking platform, Facebook advertising must be connected to Facebook Analytics so that the Facebook advertising platform can record advertising conversion data to be able to analyse, optimize and adjust it.

2)The settlement of advertising costs also needs to be based on Facebook's data.


1.Please enter the web page below and download Facebook's SDK:

Android SDK download link:

iOS SDK download link:


2. After the integration is completed, open and run the package once. Then enter the Facebook's platform, select the application, and enter Analytics.


3. If you can see the new data in the Facebook Analytics platforms like new users, it means that the SDK integration is successful.



4. Return to the Dashboard page in the platform for Analytics settings.


5. Select the platforms. If the game has iOS and Android version, you need to complete the dual-platform settings.

6. Follow the official setup guide process to complete the setup.

Step VI: Link App to Facebook Business Account

1. Enter the link provided below and enter Business Settings.


2. In Business settings, click Apps → Add → Connect an App ID.



3. Enter App ID to connect app to Business Manager Account.


Step VII: Synchronise uploading status with the Facebook application (after uploading a game to the app store).

1. After approving the application via app store, enter Facebook developer platform and go to the “Dashboard” page, click the dot marked in the below screenshot to change the status of the game.


2. Confirm Live Mode.


3. Confirm Live Mode.

Step VIII: Authorise our UA teammate to run the campaigns

1. In Users settings, enter "" in the "Enter Email Addresses" and select "Employee access".


2. In the Assign Access page, please assign below authorizations:

  • In [Pages] choose [Publish Content]
  • In [Ad Accounts] choose [Manage Campaigns]
  • In [Apps] choose [Develop App]


3. After adding all the above 3 permissions, please send the invitation link to your Business Account Manager:




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