XTiming Service Guide

XTiming services will help you app go global in a more programmatic and automated way, working with you on the entire process from app evaluation and publish to delivery to monetization and use acquisition.

Step 1: Navigate to the XTiming page

Log in to the OpenMediation, you will see the XTiming function in the top navigation, click to jump to the page.


Step 2:Add App

1.Add App

Click the [+] on the page to start adding your app.


2.Submit evaluation information

After submitting the information, the XTiming team will provide feedback within 1 working day.

a.Basic Info


App name: Enter an app name.

App type: Select the type of app in the drop-down menu.

Game Engine: Select or enter an engine name, and version model.

OS & Version Information: Select the system of the application and the version of the application (multiple selections).


Published apps:


App Store: Enter the Store link of the App Store, click Search and add it successfully.

Google Play: Enter the Google Play Marketplace link, click Search and add it successfully.


Unpublished apps:



Testflight: Enter the Testflight link for Apple's test mode.

Android: Click Upload Android APK installation package, too large to upload the compressed package.


b.Current data performance (optional)

To help your app get a better and comprehensive evaluation, you can choose to fill in some data performance.


Country/Region: The current user's country and region.

Retention: Retained data for the first 3 days of the user.

eCPM: The average eCPM of the current data performance.

Total Levels: The total number of levels in the game.

Number of other class levels: for example, the number of scenes or variations.


c.Estimated monetization performance (optional)



Estimated country/region: The country and region where it is planned to be delivered.

eCPM: The expected eCPM.

Are there any ad network that are interested in accessing?

Select the ad network you intend to access, you can select more than one.

Ad type: Choose the types of ads supported by your app.


Step 3:Publish App


App Store Accounts: According to the application type of the application, select the mall, you can select multiple.

Detail page creative: Make the product page material for the selected application.

Privacy Terms / Terms of Service: Download the required statement templates for the official website and complete the configuration.

App store link: List the app to the app store, enter the mall link and app name, and click Search to finish.

Step 4:Monetization & User Acquisition





Add App: Click Add Application, and after the OpenMediation platform is successfully added, obtain the application key to add to the current form and submit it.

Add Placements: After clicking the link, jump to the corresponding configuration page. The number of configurations will be displayed after configuration.


b.Associate the Ad Network API


Ad Network: Select the ad network you intend to use, click Delete, or click Add ADN to configure. After clicking, go to the corresponding configuration page.


c.Build Mediation Rules


Add Instances:After clicking the link, jump to the corresponding configuration page. The number of configurations is displayed after configuration.

Add Mediation Rules: After clicking the link, jump to the corresponding configuration page. The number of configurations is displayed after configuration.


1.2 Integration Guideline

a.SDK Integration


Depending on the form content, you need to integrate the OpenMediation SDK, the ad network SDK, and the placement. For convenience, you can download the document and send it to your development team.



b.Test Suite integration and configuration

TestSuite is an integrated testing tool and you can configure the installation according to the documentation. After the client clicks Upload Test Results, the integration results are displayed in Technology Integration part 1.

c.app-ads .txt configuration

After completing the configuration, you can enter the official website link and click Verify.

d.Update to the App Store

After integrating the OpenMediation SDK and the ad network SDK, update to the app store.


2.User Acquisition


Create Accounts: Select and activate the advertising platform you plan to use.

Creative: According to the requirements of the platform, make the corresponding delivery creatives.

3.3rd-party analysis platforms: Integrate and configure third-party analysis platforms according to the needs of data analysis.


Step 5:Checklist



1.Check List of OpenMediation

OpenMediation-related configurations are automatically verified according to the configuration. If there is no completed task, the system will prompt and guide you to the relevant page.


2.Check List of Ad Network

The content of the advertising platform needs to be confirmed in turn according to the checklist.


Step 6:XTiming Team confirmation

When you have completed the above process and still need help, you can contact your business person. The XTiming team will communicate with you and assist you with the inspection of the delivery platform and the three-party analysis platform.

Once you've confirmed that all the configurations are done, the XTiming team will add a stamp to your app to indicate that all processes have been configured and checked, and you can start your daily monetization.

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