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When AdMob, Facebook and other ad networks check that the app has invalid traffic, it will block your ad network account. 

There are two more common reasons:

1. The installation package was crawled by other app stores, resulting in a large number of downloads from non-Google Play official channels.

2. Test the SDK without turning on the test mode.

The Google Play Region restricts ad requests from AdMob and Facebook for issues that prevent your apps from being crawled by other app stores. When a user opens an app in some areas where Google Play doesn't apply properly, AdMob and Facebook won't generate ad requests.

b. List of blocked countries

  • China
  • Cuba 
  • Iran 
  • North Korea
  • Syria

2.How to set

a.Add App

When you add an Android app, the Google Play Region will be turned on by default and will take effect after Add. You can also choose to turn it off when you don't want to use the feature.


b. App Settings

For apps that have already been added, you can modify the configuration of the Google Play Region through the [App Info] in the [App Settings].


3.Impact on different functions

a.Mediation Rule

When your [Google Play Region] function is turned on, next to the region field of the [Mediation Rule] configuration page, icon is displayed to identify the current status.

When not turned on, the icon of the Google Play region will not be displayed.


b. SDK Testing

When your Google Play Region is turned on, the SDK Testing page displays the icon to identify the current status. In the case of test mode turned on (SDK Test, TestSuite and Ad Inspector), the [Google Play Region] function does not work, and ads can be requested in China and other regions.

When not turned on, the icon of the Google Play region will not be displayed.


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