About PubNative configuration, please contact your AM to help you.

OpenMediation Platform Configuration

Ad Network

1.Enter the OpenMediation publisher platform, click on Ad Network → click Edit behind PubNative.


2.After filling in the relevant information, click Save.


  • Please contact your AM to get the configuration information. 

Add Instance

  1. Click MediationAd unitAdd Instance.03_Ad_Network____3.png
  2. After filling in the relevant information, click Save.04_Ad_Network____4.png
  • Ad Network:Select PubNative
  • Instance Name: You can define the name of your ad unit yourself, we suggest you name it: Placement ID_Ad Network Name_ Country_Floor Price.(E.g: 6539_Pangle_USA_40)
  • Unit ID:Please contact your AM to get this ID.


Add the PubNative SDK&Adapter to Your Build


1. Add the PubNative SDK

  • Add to your project-level build.gradle file.
 allprojects {
   repositories {
       maven {
           url ""
  • Add to your application-level build.gradle file inside dependencies section.
implementation 'net.pubnative:hybid.sdk:+'

2.  Add the PubNative Adapter

    OpenMediation supports both Gradle dependencies and Manual download mechanisms.

       Gradle dependencies

  • Add the following in your application-level build.gradle file inside dependencies section.
implementation 'com.openmediation.adapters:pubnative:+'

       Manual download

  • Download the Adapter from here.
  • Add the Adapter to Your Project.


3. For ProGuard Users Only

If you are using ProGuard with the PubNative adapter, you must add the following code to your ProGuard configuration (Android Studio: or Eclipse: proguard-project.txt):

-keepattributes Signature
-keep class net.pubnative.** { *; }



OpenMediation supports both Cocoapods and Manualdownload mechanisms.


To Integrate the PubNative SDK with Cocoapods, enter the following line in your podfile and you are good to go!

pod 'HyBid'

Manual Download

1. Download the PubNative framework

  • you can find the lastest PubNative SDK here.

2. Add the PubNative frameworks to your Project

You are now all set to deliver PubNative within your application!

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